Getting Started & Pricing

Due to Covid-19 CrossFit MCI has restricted its membership and not enrolling any new members, please contact us if you wish to be added to a waiting list. CrossFit MCI has implemented stringent Covid-19 controls.

CrossFit MCI prides itself on having the very best coaches guiding you through the workouts and teaching correct technique. Through good technique and coaching you will become fitter and get better results than you could ever achieve training on your own. The workouts (WOD’s) change every day so you never get bored or get in a training rut! CrossFit MCI has sourced the very best equipment from brands such as Again Faster, Concept 2 Rowers, Wolverson and Rogue Fitness.

Our members say that it is like having a Personal Trainer every CrossFit session!

A typical CrossFit session would involve a warm up, Mobility, coached technique and then a CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD).

All new CrossFit MCI Gym members must complete the FAST-TRACK program or ON-RAMP. These programs are designed to teach the core movements of CrossFit. We believe it’s important that members can demonstrate the core CrossFit movements before taking part. Technique is also covered in each session following the courses to further develop the member and practice those skills necessary to perform.

The FAST-TRACK and ON-RAMP programs will teach you how to Squat and Deadlift correctly. You will also learn Olympic lifting techniques such as the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Other conditioning techniques are also mixed in such as Kettlebells with gymnastics such as pull-ups. Don’t worry everyone has to start somewhere, the coaching is tailored to your ability and experience.

The Workout of the Day (WOD) is scaled as is the FAST-TRACK and ON-RAMP to meet everyones ability because we understand that not everyone can perform pull-ups on their first day!

Again FasterWolverson

Concept 2 Rowing               Rogue Fitness

  • 10 Pack CrossFit

    One off fee, limited to 10 sessions£75

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  • Unlimited CrossFit

    Unlimited CrossFit and Open Gym£75 Per Month

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  • 2x Per Week CrossFit

    2 CrossFit Sessions or Open Gym Sessions Per Week£55 Per Month

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  • CrossFit Student

    Unlimited CrossFit and Open Gym - Age 16 - 22 Full Time Student£50 Per Month

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  • Drop In Fee

    Drop In CrossFit Session. Must be member of another CrossFit£10
If you want to challenge yourself and get fitter this is the place to be, training is well structured, well managed, always different and fun, wish I had found it ages ago.